Welcome to Qm64 Repository

This is the place where all the packages and distributions built or maintained by Qm64 are stored. This includes a GNU/Linux Repository as well as basic downloadable binaries for Windows and Mac for various products.

Note: All the packages are automatically built monthly or on changes.

Please contact us if you have questions!

Add the Debian repository on Ubuntu

To add Qm64 Debian Repository you can run the following commands in your terminal:

  wget -qO - https://apt.qm64.tech/key.public.asc | sudo apt-key add -
  echo "deb https://apt.qm64.tech/ apt/" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/siderus.list
  sudo apt update

This will provide you access to the latest version of ipfs, orion and others packages related to Siderus, IPFS and Qm64 projects

Note: This repository is for amd64 and armhf (ex: Raspberry Pi) architectures. Not all the packages are necessarely built for all the architectures.

After that you can obtain the packages. For example to install Siderus Orion you can just run:

  sudo apt install orion

If you need to install IPFS (go-ipfs) on a amd64 or armhf device, run:

  sudo apt install ipfs

Note: This repository is for amd64 and armhf (Raspberry Pi) architectures. Not all are necessarely designed for all the architectures.

Made and maintained with love by Qm64